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Lazy Writer Day

Max Siegel might USATF's CEO but he certainly does not cut it as a leader. We need lifetime bans, Max, and leadership. You don't need anybody's permission to set the example. From the WSJ:"Max Siegel, chief executive of USA Track & Field, condemned doping but said...

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Seaport Striders, Thoroughly Awesome

One of my great joys is the way the running community gives back to the rest of the community (think of all those charity walks and 5K's) and to the younger runners around them.The Seaport Striders have an event every year, the Benefit Run, where they generously split...

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First Two Chapters – Got To Be A Hero

For those expecting a running novel, this is a departure from my usual writing. While it's still in the Young Adult genre, Splintered Magic is a contemporary fantasy. Chapter One Kenzie circled to her left and stayed just barely within his reach, tempting him. Her...

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Meh, the Olympics are coming

I used to get excited about the quadrennial Olympics, even though I grew up in the Cold War period were the athletes stood as proxies for the world's superpowers and their allies/henchmen. The latter, of course, was dependent on whether we were talking West Germany...

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Fourth of July

Of all the statements of man in relationship to each other and to the government, none rings with more clarity than the Declaration of Independence.Calvin Coolidge, in his address celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Declaration, stated:About the Declaration there...

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I am so not a morning runner!

My wife has an annoying habit of bopping out of bed in the morning, usually cheerfully. In contrast, I drag my sorry rear-end out, creaking and complaining along the way. I get moderately more cheerful if I can get up when I want to, instead of to the alarms. I am...

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Fixing Broken Springs

Inside every mechanical watch is a mainspring, a coiled piece of metal that, in the ages before digital, required periodic winding to keep the watch running. Let the spring relax fully, and the watch slowed to a stop. Wind it too tight, and it broke.Runners have...

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Enda Shoes – The Kenyan Alternative

I'm a day late on this post. Blame work or writer laziness.I heard about Enda Shoes just before I left Kenya. My friend, Justin Lagat, was contacted by them to do some writing for the new company. For a sample, you can head for the Enda blog. The latest article is...

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Audiobook Reviewer on Finishing Kick!

AudioBook Reviewer, run by Paul Stokes, took a listen to Finishing Kick and posted their opinion at the site, AudiobookReviewer.They said some nice things about the story and my writing - always one of those 'hold-your-breath' moments as you just never know how a book...

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