Yet Another Reason to Appreciate William Shatner

Randy Pausch, in his book The Last Lecture, wrote that every little boy of a certain age wanted to be Captain Kirk. Not quite true but his statement certainly captures the verve of Kirk in Star Trek. Since then, William Shatner, who proudly counts himself as a 'working actor', has taken dozens of roles of all sorts. One of his best, though, came last night, playing himself, on Twitter. (Yes, I know I rant about Twitter and the rise of the perpetually offended. Not this time.)

It started like this:


What followed was incredible. Shatner spent hours responding to, comforting, and encouraging people in the path of Irma.

This morning, Bill Shatner picked up where he left off last night, offering encouragement, linking to sites with good advice (DON'T shoot into the storm! Really? People amaze me) and basic human decency.

Bill Shatner is the real deal. Heroes lead by example and he's out front right now.