No Dogs Allowed - Asotin District Policy

Stitch, our dog, apparently followed Kelly Brady, neighbor and teacher, to school yesterday here in Asotin. For those that don't know us, we live directly across from Asotin's school. I don't break it down by Asotin High School, Middle School, Elementary School because they're all housed in the same group of buildings. The entire district is smaller that some graduating classes at city schools. We like it that way.

Anyway, somebody (, sorry sweetie!) left a door to the front open, so Stitch went exploring. From what we can gather, he grazed on the grass in front before playing in traffic - thank goodness for a small town! - but got bored so he followed a friend right into class. Algebra I apparently. Mrs. Brady, according to reports from the youngest daughter, has never had this particular experience. Neither had the students and they were begging to be allowed to fire up their phones and take pictures.

The principal was not at all amused.

Sadly, they didn't even offer an assessment to see if he was ready for Algebra I.Stitch the gone got sent home from school, making him the first in the family (I think - my mother will correct the record if I am wrong.)