A Few Running Stories You Might Have Missed

First up, I'd like to buy two runners, Bob Mobach and John Davies, a beer. These two men, who don't know each other, stepped up to do what men are supposed to do. Here's the story so you can see what I mean.

Running Times has a great article on getting ready for running camp. An Insider’s Guide to Running Camp. Only thing they forgot to mention was to bring a great attitude. It's playing outside, people, just faster.

Do you get cramps while you're running? (or playing other sports/) Have you considered drinking pickle juice? Me neither . . . (I'm not telling you if it works or not - go read the article!)

Too old to run cross country? Nonsense! Competitor magazine, a favorite of mine when I lived in San Diego, gives you pointers on how to get ready, even if you're a geezer. (Technical definition of geezer is five years older than me.)