Goof off day in Eldoret

This is a post made in pieces . . .

Came back from a slow morning run and sat on the concrete wall digging the clay out my shoes with a stick. This, apparently, is the height of entertainment as two little children went and got chairs to watch me. Like all small children, they have the attention span of a gnat, so they lost interest in that and started to poke and prod the pale skin on the dude's thigh. I drew the line at pulling the little hairs on my leg. Vey curious children, and very open. Cute as heck.

Went for a little bird watching the other evening - which is a new experience for me. The large ibis(?) I captured with my telephoto at full extension. Centering on a moving target like that is tough. Easier when it's sitting in a tree.

This morning, after a run, we headed to a pretty little waterfall. Justin was a little more adventurous than I was. What I can't figure out is the round cut at the base of the waterfall. A well?  A baptismal? A health spa? Aliens?


Starting to pick up on things that I'm not seeing.

Frogs. Why no frogs in all the little ponds and creeks I've been around. It's not that they lack for food - there's plenty of mosquitos to support a zillion frogs.

I've yet to see a Kenyan smoking. Makes sense for the runners. Most Kenyans are not runners (it just seems that way when you check out the top finishers in races 800m-marathon.) Pleased to note it, surprised it took almost two weeks.

Tried to take a picture of Kenyan traffic when Justin and I drove home. The Red Sea of sedans, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, saccos, and pedestrians parted. No picture but we got home in record time.

Had lunch at the Rosewood Restaurant while the car got washed. I had fish and chips, the first really western food I've had in several weeks, and a Tusker beer. Wonderful food and the tartar sauce was very tasty with cucumber and sweet red onion. Stealing that for home.

Tomorrow's plan is a rest day for me running since I've run 9 of the last 10 days, then some housekeeping stuff downtown, followed by an evening photo session out in Kaptagat. Hoping for the brilliantly clear blue skies from my arrival to make the pictures pop.

Thursday, it's back to the track at the University of Eldoret.

Lots of pictures on the way.