Highlights from a WIAA Cross Country Weekend

Started with a high five from Rick Riley as he ran by with his St. George women's team on warm-ups. Watched as they threw a major scare into NW Christian Lacey, coming with in a few points of taking down the eight time champs.

WIAA State Cross Country Meet 2014 (369).JPG

A pleasant chat with Craig Herlihy of Liberty Bell. His men's team qualified for the meet and took fourth, a couple of points behind Asotin. I like the kids on that Liberty Bell team. Next year, hopefully, they'll have some ladies running, too.

They do have an 8th-grader who's a heck of a runner. Unfortunately for Coach Herlihy, she's also a great Nordic skier. Hint: running is good cross-training for Nordic skiing.

Had an assistant who used to be an Asotin runner, and now, the first year away from the team, looked out of sorts. So she took most of the great pictures that I posted from the women's race, then went and joined her sisters and sister-in-racing. My thanks to Madeline for the help and the wonderful eye.

Seeing all the extended family and former runners swinging by the Asotin camp. It really is a community-supported program.

Finding out that little Lucy Eggleston refused to take the podium without her coach. In addition to goofing the published race times, the WIAA didn't stick to the schedule for awards and tried to do 2A/2B while the men's race was on-going. Lucy balked; Gundy has been her coach and mentor since she was a wee tiny thing. She didn't want him to miss it and didn't want to her final accolades without him present. Kudos for sticking to her guns.

Watching Chandler break the course record - and getting a picture of it, complete with clock. Right place, right time, fair degree of luck. The course record couldn't go to a nicer young man. A couple of coaches have asked me where he's headed after he graduates. I'm not sure he knows yet. He has the ability if he chooses to run at the next level.

Now, for a little down-time before I get back after it. First, before the weather gets to crappy, some runs. Then, according to Gerry Lindgren, get in more runs while everyone else parks on the couch. We'll see.