Down Time

For the first time in recent memory, I have Labor Day off. Normally, this would bother me - I celebrate Labor Day by working as that seems more appropriate than having a barbeque. I know the history of the holiday, so for my union brethren, I am not in need of re-education. I just like to celebrate the holiday with the activity rather than it's absence.

What's different this year?

Well, two new grandbabies within the last week. It's amazing how emotionally draining this is for everyone, grandparents included. Grandparents get to sleep at night, though. I told the newest mom in our family that the tired feeling goes away after 22 years. She thinks I'm joking.

Work has been steady. That's good, as writing, despite early successes, has not yet overtaken the day job. While my daughters inched closer to delivery, I had to get the Rick Riley article done, some 10,000 words in a week.

Coach Cowdrey and I have survived the first two days of junior high cross country. We have a good bunch of kids - Asotin always seems to - but early in the season until the rules get passed down, it's a study in chaotic systems.

So, everyone around our place is a little frazzled. Tomorrow I'm taking a trip up the Snake River on Beamers Tours. I'll get some pictures and put them up when I get back.

And on Labor Day, I think I'll put my feet up. Maybe bounce a grandbaby or two (or six.) After I get a run in, of course.