In Response to Yesterday's Post

Ask and ye shall receive. Jack Welch, author of When Running Was Young and So Were We, sent along the following link to a write-up of a very cool running program started for kids in South Carolina.


Since I don't know if I'll be coaching junior high xc next season*, this might be an avenue for me to explore. Probably can't get busy with it until after the Kenya trip though.

 (*There was a coaching change as long-time JRHS coach Steve Cowdrey stepped down and JRHS track coach Mark Thummel steps up to take the helm. Mark's a great teacher and coach, and I've offered to help, so we'll see. The school admin may have some input as well, plus Mark already has a cadre of experienced assistants from the track team.)

By the way, Jack Welch has had quite a year. First, he won the TAFWA award for his book, and this month landed in the Summer Reading List in Running Times.