Inside Publishing Stuff

Not a running related post this morning - more whine, to be truthful.

Amazon and Hachette are in business negotiations over pricing for ebooks. They been at this since May or June. It still dominates the writing blogs I read and I have to admit being bored to tears by it.

Does the outcome affect me? Eh, maybe a bit. It has the potential to change my earnings from writing, both up and down. Can I do anything about it?

Heck, no. And neither can most of the people engaged in the back-and-forth-broadsides from the 1 percenter writers who are getting shriller each week because the horrid Amazon will not allow pre-orders on the their books.

Not much sympathy here, mate. Indies don't get them either.

They complain that Amazon has delayed their shipments to the readers. No, Amazon is not deliberately sabotaging your sales. That's your publisher not understanding a just-in-time supply chain. Holler at them.

The indies are just as vociferous, though they're on the side of the readers. Not writers, readers. They want people  be able to afford books because they, like me, want to share their stories. It doesn't hurt to make a little money from it, mind you.

Anyhow, the talks will go on for a lot longer and the feelings will grow increasingly acrimonious and . . .I don't have time for the distractions. I got a book to write. And a job to do. And grandbabies due any time. And I always could use another run.