It's not easy to be me - and probably not easy to be you.

Sarah Hoyt, sci-fi and fantasy writer, wrote a great post, It Not Easy to be Me. Settle in with a cup of coffee. Read.

Okie-doke, this trip looks fun. "Explore the Sacred Valley as the Incas did – on foot! The Running to Machu Picchu program is catered specifically to the active traveller who wants to be more than just a tourist. Experience the natural and cultural beauty of Peru in comfort, while still getting a chance to see the real country, meet locals, and learn from your STRIVE Gurus who have worked in these communities for years." h/t LetsRun

I got an offer to review a book, so I can now add professional(?) reviewer to my list of accomplishments. More on that when I am done with the book.

As of today, I've run one day in a row. Hoping to improve that tomorrow.