I've warned my girls against running with earbuds but JillWillRun has a nice review of a pair from Panasonic that might make me change my mind. Christmas is coming . . . 

I have a major sweet tooth that I keep under control by avoiding the bakery section and candy aisles at the store. My sweetie puts up wiith my whining about no chocolate, or cookies, or cake. Running with SD Mom has a banana split smoothie recipe that looks ripe to knock me clean off the sugar wagon but on the healthy side. There is also a giveaway. Check it out.

As I ramp up my running (and gym work) from coaching cross country, I think I'll need this. 3 Ways to Use a Foam Roller More Effectively to Treat Running Injuries

Sadly, any time there is a breakout performance in running, doping is suspected. In too many cases, it's found. Govt slams AK boss for dismissing doping problem

Got to go. Lots of good stuff at the links. All these are on my regular reading list (though will bury you in information!)

Run gently, friends.