Mary Cain turned pro coming out of high school and everyone wondered how she would do. In some circles, she's been considered a disappointment, placing 5th in the 800m at the Armory and 8th in the mile at the Wanamaker. Mind you, this is a young runner competing against the best women in the country. Methinks some people have unrealistic expectations - give her four years and we'll chat. In the meantime, here's a great article that ran in the NY Times on Cain.

While Mary Cain trails for gold, are you getting enough iron? If you're female, possible not. What about that old canard about cooking in a cast iron pan to get extra iron? Does it work? The folks at RunnersConnect tracked down the answers to those questions. No, I'm not giving away the answer - head over and read Do You Absorb More Iron Cooking in a Cast Iron Pan?

According to the news blitz, done with Apple's usual sense of restraint and hype, the Apple Watch has arrived. Life will never be the same. Or something like that. Can you run with it? Running Times looked into it and here's their opinion - 8 Things Runners Need to Know about Apple Watch As for me, I'll pass. Sometimes a watch is too much and I hate the inaccuracy of my GPS

Update on training. Ran a timed mile for Coach Fishman. It was slow, but better than I expected. The fun part? I picked out my pace ahead of time, based on my usual SWAG methodology. Plan was to hit the first lap on the money, accelerate for laps 2 & 3, and hold on to Lap 4 until I broke. So how close was I on the first lap? How about .3 of a second off pace. The clock in my head still works fine. Now to get the lungs back into shape. 

With the mostly snow-free winter, I wondering how soon the Seven Devils will open up. Looking forward to a jaunt around them this summer.