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It's a depressing time to be a runner - if you're a pro. The rest of us can just go for a run and say the heck with it.

I find this article completely unsurprising. The way to beat the WADA biological passport is to start early. Russian child athletes are doping at school, says sports minister.

Meanwhile, back in Glasgow, Emma Coburn's American Record of 9:11.42 has been rejected because she did not subject herself to a drug test immediately after the race. Even though the race does not require it, USATF does for records. Sad news for athletes that have unexpected break-outs, but hey, the USATF has to assume that everyone is doping. Emma Coburn's Apparent U.S. Steeplechase Record Won't be Ratified by USATF

Speaking of the USATF, Lauren Fleshman is a mite peeved with her governing body. Apparently, the USAFT ♥'s Nike and Nike does sponsor the national team, so much so, it airbrushed the  logos for other companies were out of the TV commercial they ran on NBC. Cropped: The USATF #YoureWelcome Commercial

Racing the Rain: A Novel
By John L. Parker Jr.

On the good news side, John L. Parker has a prequel to Once a Runner coming out in July. Put me down for a pre-order for Racing the Rain . . . On the other good news side, I may have a chance to meet Parker in May. Love the art work on the cover.

Running too long, at too high an intensity will kill you. (Courtesy of the Daily Mail. While they aren't the only ones who write stupid headlines, they are an industry leader.) As for the study itself, even the authors admit that the data set is very limited. For a sensible analysis of the actual report, head here.

In the Ultrarunning world, Nichol Studer just did damage to the 100 mile trail record, winning the Rocky Raccoon in a stunning 14:45 for 100 miles.

That's all I have for today.

Run gently, friends. With or without the watch, fast or slow, enjoy getting out the door.