Touching Loss

I am the dad I am because of the kids they are and the people they grew into.

Lauren Fleshman lost her dad a month ago. She talks about it here.

If you read it and don't feel the pain, and it doesn't bring tears, I'm saddened.

I remember an article Lauren wrote years ago, about the poor VO max tests, lactate thresholds, and like that she had in high school, relative to the other runners. She told her dad about the tests, what the tests said, what her limits were.

"You're a FLESHMAN!" was his response. And, paraphrasing, no "test can ever measure heart". And he was right and she proved it.

I picture him now, but whispering the same words. "You're a Fleshman." Then, more quietly, "This will hurt and it will heal, and you will find your way again. And when you do, LIVE with all you have."

I don't know either one of then, Lauren or her dad, but that would be what I would say to my girls.

And that I loved them, though I think they already suspect.