Over the Weekend . . .

Deena Kastor, a favorite of mine, went out and broke the American Women’s marathon record, taking nearly a minute off of Colleen DeReuck’s ten-year-old standard with a sterling 2:27:47. More surprising, she was the first American female finisher. Makes you wonder what’s wrong with the ‘kids’.

I spent Saturday with the folks at the Spokane Marathon, hand-selling and signing books. Not a surprise, I sold a bunch. These are my people. The staff was fun to hang with and treat to talk to. I had a table next to Niki Sibley, who was handing out free coffee from Chamokane Creek Trading Company, a business that she owns with her husband.(Yes, I got some coffee. A Brazilian. Will sip and savor when I get a little down time, then report back.) Niki, an ultrarunner who’s run across the state of Washington, is an incredibly upbeat young lady. I learned a lot from chatting with her. She doubled as the RD of the 10K.

Pay attention! Here's some wonderful advice from Mel. The Spokane Marathon was his 453rd marathon!!!! He started competing in marathons in his 50's. #NoExcuses #AcceptTheChallenge

Posted by The Spokane Marathon on Sunday, October 11, 2015

A gentleman named Mel was the final finisher in Spokane. It was his 453rd marathon. His advice? “When the ol’ rocking chair’s got you, get up and go for a run.”

I met Lori Shauvin. She introduced herself as the "Grandmother of Spokane Cross Country." For more than two decades, she's been taking teams to the Footlocker Cross Country meet in San Diego. Lori's been so dedicated to the kids, and for so long, that she was inducted into the FootlockerXC Hall of Fame. If you don't think that's a big deal, go look at who else is in there. Very neat lady, very strong-willed. Behave or the 'Grandmother' will set you right.

Chicago ran without pacesetters. The reaction on the LetsRun board is mixed. Some love the racing, others think anything less than a world record (or at least the attempt) is worthless. Put me down in the "I love racing" category.

After spending so much time with the race staff and the competitors, I thinking that I should actually train for something. Just don't know what.

Run gently, friends, while I figure it out.