Rainy Day Reading

It's raining outside which is great for the morning run with the cross country kids, not that I can keep up with them. My garden is enjoying the extra water. Living in a desert makes gardening slightly more difficult. Today, I don't have to worry about it.

After that, the reasons to appreciate the rain drop off. I'll admit I've never been a fan of grayness. Seattle would be a disaster for me ten months of the year. Beautiful city, like visiting, happy to leave again. I like light, lots of light, the brighter the better.

So, on dreary days, I chill and look for stuff that looks interesting to read.

Runner's World has an article on Exercise and Weight Loss: As Good for Women as Men. Kind of strikes me as one of those 'well, duh' items but the first line caught my attention and sucked me in. "The popular literature sometimes tells women that weight-loss is harder for them, especially exercise-induced weight loss."  As you might expect, a food fight is breaking out in the comments section.

Running Times has a couple of fun photo essays. The first, on building balance, had me chuckling. Here is the article: Better Balance in Four Minutes. I chuckled because I help coach junior high - they're all knees and elbows. We're happy if we can keep them vertical after a growth spurt.

The other one, Attainable Dream: Training In Kenya, was interesting. I'm planning a trip to Kenya for one, maybe two books. While I intend on living there for at least a couple of months, I doubt I'll spend time in the hotels. My training might well take a hit as I find a way to contribute while I'm there, plus taking the time to learn how their society is arranged. One thing I've discovered about my writing is I can't put down a word if I'm not in the head of my characters. I don't understand Kenyans enough yet to write them in depth and authentically. Still, the photos are vey motivating.

Have a great day out there and run gently.

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