Smash it flat and send it to China

Years ago, I went car shopping, hoping to unload a Chevy Lumina minivan that belongs in the pantheon of terrible vehicles. We eventually did trade it, for a Ford Ranger pick-up that I used for work. The dealer managed not to laugh and gave us a grand for the pile o' crud we had been using.

My girls were little then - we could actually fit all five of us into the supercab - and wanted to know what was going to happen to the Lumina.

The headline above, "Smash it flat and ship it to China", was undoubtedly blunt. What I hadn't realized was that they were attached to the vehicle. I had thee girls burst into tears and my wife had to explain that I was just 'joking.' I was busy shaking my head, but no one was paying any attention to mean old dad.

We're out car shopping again. Now it's time to replace that Ranger. It's got a lot of miles on it, but runs decently well. We've put some work into it to make sure that it does. When we let this go, I'm going to be the one attached. It's been a nice little truck that has served us well. All three girls got their first lessons on how to drive a stick in that truck and we had given it to the youngest daughter - but she had a baby and the pick-up isn't really suitable so we got it back.

It's not suitable for grandmas either, so it's time to bid it goodbye. I'm hoping to find something that we'll like as much.

And we're hoping to find a good home for the Ranger. No "smash it flat and send it to China" this time. The Ranger deserves better than that.