Sunday Morning, Moving Slow

Not so much an full post as random thoughts as I start a desperately needed vacation.

Went to see the Asotin kids run, jump, and throw at the Regionals in Spokane on Friday. Took pictures that I haven't had time to post - maybe tomorrow. As always, there was drama from the kids, and sadness for some of the seniors. I got a burst of joy watching Lucy Eggleston battle Harley Strope to the finish in the 1600m with a spot to State on the line. The top four had run away from Lucy but she hung tough. With 150 meters left, I could Lucy measure the distance and make her decision to try to out-kick the best kicker in the region. The gamble paid off as Harley took a second to long to match the move.

Maddie Ward of St. George's won in dominating fashion and is looking incredibly strong. Her running mate, Marika Morelan ran well, but was fighting a bit of a bug, according to Josh Hayes, her coach. Tracy Melville broke up the pair with a great run of her own.

Lucy's sister Maria wins my courage award. She came into the meet with a pulled muscle in her back, so she was parked for her 4x400 relay with one of the alternates in her place. Then both alternates got injured. Unwilling to see her season end (and with coaches and parents permission) she dressed out and ran a very credible quarter.

As I said, I'll put up pictures, maybe tomorrow and give more commentary.

I also had a chance to chat with Rick Riley and made a date to visit his running camp. Which reminds me that I should contact Mike Collins at LC about coming out to the Clearwater Running Camp. If you have young'uns that want great camps, these are two of the best, with terrific coaches.

I got word that a magazine is going to review Finishing Kick. Very exciting - unless they hate it. Yes, writers are neurotic. Yes, I'm a writer. No, I'm fine, really. They'll love it. I hope.

Wednesday I head to Portland to pick up Jack Welch. Thursday, we head for Eugene for the Pre Classic. Should be a hoot. Not sure how much writing I'll get done. I expect we'll get some runs in, though I'm the slowest of the bunch.

Now, to play with grandkids. Sometime today I'll get a short run in, probably in the heat. Good for sweating and character building. Now that it's getting hot, mind the temps and stay hydrated.

Run gently, friends.