Surviving the Home Inspection Hit #1 last weekend

Very pleased that Surviving the Home Inspection hit #1 in it's primary Kindle category and #2 and #3 in a couple of others. Considering the print copy is not out yet (but getting close), that's an excellent start.

I always expected that this book would be one that I market differently as the target audience isn't necessarily the reader but someone with a vested interest - their agent - in educating the home seller. True to form, I'm getting a pretty goodly number of pre-orders directly for the book, in bulk, for real estate offices.

Unlike my other books, this is one that I will do an offset print run. I haven't determined the size of the run yet (or where I'm going to store that many books - negotiations with my sweetie are ongoing) but expect that it will drive the cost to about a dollar and a half per copy, delivered.

Definitely need to take a class on organizing all this and I've got an idea on who to go to.

That won't keep me at the top of the Kindle lists, but should make the book profitable in the next two months.

On to the next projects - still have two novels in the works, one short story begging to be written, and the next non-fiction to research. Plus, of course, inspect houses, attend board meetings where I get volunteered to do, yep, more writing, and get my lazy butt into shape to go mountain running this summer.

I really kind of stink at taking down-time. On the plus side, writing and running count in my book as fun and relaxing.