The End (of Daylight Savings Time) is Near

I don't know about you all (when I lived in a more southerly clime, that'd been y'all) but I positively hate time changes. I'm a guy that likes to follow life in a certain rhythm. Get up about the same time as the sun, go to bed with the moon, weird naturalistic practices like that. 

Those patterns assert themselves else where, too. I write best in the morning, exercise best in the afternoon. Work I can do  while there's daylight. 

It wouldn't seem as though a hour change makes such a huge difference but the evidence at this point is irrefutable. Heart attacks increase, accidents (both workplace and auto) increase, productivity declines. 

And I whine. I do it every year, though it does not change the circumstances. It does relieve a little pressure. 

This week, I'll be looking over the schedule and deciding how to adapt to the time change and to current demands on time. One of the few luxuries of self-employment is a smidge more control over how I decide to spend my time. It's one of the main perks that keeps me out of traditional employment. That, and the fact that I don't handle bureaucratic stupidity well and almost any company with more than about six people develops a bureaucracy.