Track is Starting . . .

So I plan on picking up on race coverage pretty soon. First race will be on April 1st, in Lapwai, Idaho.

Unrelated to track coverage, but affecting runners, I came across an article on plyometrics specific to distance running with - tada - a downloadable chart to guide you on a 12-16 week program. The whole site is filled with interesting stuff about running.

Texas is dumping its anti-doping program for high schoolers. Bad program design (deliberate?) and low detection rates are to blame. Just for good measure, the WSJ weighs in on drugs and the NCAA, just in time for March Madness.

With the steady drip of bad news for the sport coming out, I'm excited to go watch the kids run. I've already set aside the time and I'm making arrangements to catch a couple of meets in the Spokane area. Mostly though, I'm going to stick with the small schools around here.