When it rains, the trails turn muddy

It rained, so I think I owe Hells Gate Park a visit. I ran there early this month but the ragweed pollinated the air, my throat, and my lungs, leaving me hacking at the edge of the trail. Most unpleasant but I did finish the run- at a walk, though.

{Update: runny eyes, itchy throat, hacking. Nope, the ragweed is hanging on . . . changing run plans.}

Oddly, I just realized I've never taken pictures there even though I run the park frequently. Heck, I can see it from my house and, if a river didn't run through, could run there in about four minutes - Paul minutes, not Roger Bannister minutes. It really is quite close.

Instead of staying on the lower rolling trails, I think I'll wander up some of the steep grades with the GPS and get them dialed in for planning later. I love those hills, especially the couple that I've never made it all the way up running. Devil's Slide will be a slick muddy mess, though a friend said the trail washed out and rutted. We'll see.

Tomorrow will be coaching at the meet in Lewiston on the same course that LCSC runs. I think the race will be chipped timed which the kids think is very cool and big-time.

Sunday, after work (seven days this week so I can take a vacation next week,) I figure on trying a new trail off of Hwy 6 in the Princeton area.  I'm only planning a short 5-6 mile scout but more pictures when I'm done. I'm also going to start adding driving directions to all the trails.

Have a great weekend. Those of you with youngster racing, cheer loud. The kids won't admit it but they need you to be their biggest fan.

For the runners, run gently and enjoy the changing season. See you on the trails.