I want what I paid for, please.

I think the way American businesses package their products could do with a few changes, not the least of which would be making it so I could actually get to the product I just bought.

I want:

  • A potato chip bag that tears open completely at the top seal without me deforming the bag by seven feet.
  • Frozen veggie bags that don't require a knife to open
  • Eggs that crack properly - yes fresh eggs are tougher, but fresh eggs don't run all over the pan. These aren't fresh eggs.
  • Salad bags that don't decorate the floor with a confetti of lettuce
  • A pull tab that opens the bottle (or this morning, the box of coconut milk) instead of tearing free.
  • Products that come in recyclable paper boxes instead of thermally sealed plastic designed to handle globe warming, global cooling, thermonuclear war, and the average homeowner with a paring knife.

I get that manufacturers are trying to reduce breakage and spoilage. I'm pretty near certain that they have forgotten, or more likely, decided to ignore, the person buying their products.