First Day - Iten

Okay, if I walk into town, I can get internet service again. Cool. So, first morning run in Iten, and more high quality runners than you would see at a major t&f meet, Kenyan, American, European. Really friendly to the tragically slow runner in their midst, though. I'll get articles up on the blog, but I'm going to have to write them separately and upload once a day. Not sure how pictures are going to work.

The place that I rented, the cottage at Simbolei Academy is very well located for runners. Within a mile, you have the High Altitude Training Camp. the track, Wilson Kipsang's Keellu Resort Centre, and the Kiero View Restaurant (they have cottages and paragliding, too). Stepping our the main gate puts you on the same road that the professionals are using. I was out by 6:30 - a fair number were already winding down their morning run. Others will wait for later in the day, especially the Europeans/Americans.

Interestingly, all the Kenyans train in full jackets and pants, despite temperatures in the high fifties, low sixties. My guess is that they regulate heat better than most groups which is a decided advantage for racing long distances.  Zero body fat plays a role as well, something that I don't need to concern myself with.

Run gently, everyone.