Thank you, Bruce Brown!

I saw a few minutes ago that Coach Bruce Brown of Proactive Coaching said very nice things about my book, Finishing Kick.

To say that I was nervous sending a copy to him would be an understatement but if you want to excel, you need to put in the work, step to the plate, and take your best swing. Nobody promises that this will be comfortable but, as any parent with kid sprouting knows, growth can be positively uncomfortable. It's also necessary.

For all of you that are visiting, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you have comments, feel free to leave them in the posts. I also have a contact page. I'm a one-person operation so I get to read everything.

It's been pretty easy because everyone has been so darned nice. Thank you.

And a huge thank you to Coach Brown. The coach is simply amazing and could not have been nicer when a little known writer suggested that Finishing Kick might fit in with his high standards.

Thank you all, more than you'll ever realize.

Paul Duffau