Gratitude 10-3-2012 ~ Some days are easier to feel gratitude...

Nothing like another day filled with things to feel gratitude for. Today it's easy.  I got to visit two grand kids while I picked up some tools I left at their momma's house.  Then the middle daughter and her husband brought by the newest addition to the family.

Youngest daughter grew another half an inch - she's within a finger's width of 6'.  She'd be quite content to stop growing now.  It's messing with her running.  Mid-terms were in and she's pulling great grades on a challenging class schedule.

The morning job involved a client who was just fun to be with and the home was in better shape than normal.

Did a re-inspection that went well.  The only down side was a radon test that was off a bit.

The debates were tonight.  I enjoyed it enormously.

As I said, a day that's easy to feel gratitude.

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."  ~Jean Baptiste Massieu