Gratitude 10-14-2012

Missing in action: time to publicly put out things that I feel gratitude for. So, time now to play catch-up.

I did my taxes today.  I always file on an extension because tax season hits at the same time as my busiest season in the business.  The federal government has deigned to leave me a few sheckels, a couple of simoleons, from my income this year.  The State of Idaho was somewhat more rapacious.

I am reminded of a Robert Heinlein quote about taxes - "You don't always get what you pay for but you are definitely going to pay for what you get."

My sweetie returned from a weekend trip to Portland and, along with her, the middle daughter and youngest grandbaby girl.  Everybody there and back safely.  Gratitude for safe roads.

The youngest daughter set a new personal record on Friday by believing in herself.  Grateful that she is recognizing her potential and putting in the work to realize it.

The eldest daughter and her husband are building a new business and letting me help.  Grateful that they live in a country where opportunity is only limited by your imagination.

I did some writing - and it made people cry.  Unlike my dancing, it is likely because my skills are growing.  Practice, then more practice.  After that, I think I'll get in some practice.  I listen to Stephan King and Dwight Swain who call writing a craft.  Crafts can be learned, refined, honed.  In that thought lays great hope.  And gratitude that others have written work that will help those that follow.

So, many things to be grateful for.