Gratitude 10-2-2012

Gratitude. "Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart."  ~Henry Clay  Sometimes it isn't the big things that I am most appreciative of but the small ones.  Today the small ones were running hill repeats and then running in deep sand.  I help coach a local Junior High cross country team two days a week, Tuesday and Thursdays.   One of the neat things about small towns is almost anybody can volunteer provided the price - free - is right.  I feel grateful for both the chance to help coach the kids and for the lightness of heart that working with the kids leaves me with.

Along that same line, I have a friend, a former home inspector that I have only met once, who left the business to work with The Church of the Street as the Director of Operations.  I am grateful to know a person who this committed to helping others, passionate in his beliefs.

Work is back up to full steam.  In an industry where many others are having a very hard time, I'm grateful to be busy and in a position to help others even while I plan on how I can move on to my next ventures to help seniors age in place more safely.

Gratitude is the opposite of revenge.  Gratitude is best served warm, with an open heart.