Gratitude 10-9-2012

Hmmmm. Gratitude encompasses a great many things but not drop-kicking largish rocks with the left big toe.  While running. Ouch.

In the grateful ledger, on the positive side, I was running.  Plus I had a chance to coach some junior high cross-country runners.  Want to feel young?  Hang out with young people - I had them work through a pretty tough workout and then told them they could choose their own cool down.

They had piggy-back races.  If I had said, "Hey, everybody, let's work on building leg strength and balance by having piggy-back races...", they would have thought I was nuts.  Sometimes the best results are obtained by getting out of the way.  I am grateful for the reminder.

Also, I had a client who was a joy to work with and an agent who is just wonderful.  Unfortunately, the electronic key the agent uses went dead just as she arrived to let us into the house.

Gratitude can include unlocked windows and enough flexibility to climb in over the kitchen sink.  From a ladder.

Gratitude is found in a town where everybody is trusting (except new transplants from California - they take a couple of years to adapt.) and hardly anyone locks up the house - and never regrets it.

Add in laughs with a daughter - giggling gratitude.