Gratitude 9/30/2012

I managed to miss a few days on the old "let's be grateful for what we have" gratitude posts. Doesn't mean that I wasn't a grateful as I should be, just less diligent at recognizing it publicly.

So, today...

I had a chance to help my youngest daughter getting ready for church after a semi-late night at the Homecoming Dance - her last one as she is a senior. Inching closer to that empty nest and still not sure that I'm ready for it.

Yesterday, I hit the double trifecta - I saw all three of my daughters and all three of the grandkids in the same day - without a family reunion. It's nice to have the whole family close enough that random encounters can happen. It's also nice that we're just far enough that we can't just "drop in" and annoy the kids. For that, we need to exert a bit of effort.

Sometimes I am grateful for things that I have no control over. Such as my wife, who sought some counseling from her pastor over an issue of a friend, getting some peace and perspective on what happens next - and, with it, the best night of sleep she's had in a while. So, thank you to Pastor Shane.

I am also grateful that I can help in ways that will never show in any profit line.  A young runner thanked me for advice I gave her a year ago.  It was a simple thing on running downhill but it helped her in a cross country race this week and she was gracious (as is her entire family - finer people are hard to find) afterwards.

As always, if you wish to express gratitude, you are more than welcome to in the comments.  The usual rules of decorum prevail, though.