The Secret to Getting Appointed to State Commissions

I've discovered the secret to getting appointed to State Commissions. First, build a good reputation.

Second, volunteer to work for free, preferably at the tasks that no one else wants to do but that provide benefits to the community.

Third, get appointed to continue to work for free, still doing tasks no one else wants to do, keep providing value.

Fourth, do a good job.

More appointments will follow.

Note that nowhere in there did I mention making money. You might make money (honestly, that is - if you get on boards because you're expecting bribes, you ought to be thrown in the slammer) or you might not. Or not in ways that you expect. Life can be funny.

Something to think about for Monday.

Ps. It has worked for me. I'm a member of the State Home Inspector Advisory Board and a member of the State Building Code Council. The second one came from the first, a result of being effective and fair while we re-worked a few rules.