Alexa Efraimson Appreciation Day and more . . .

Alexa Efraimson Appreciation Day - Very cool but I'd like to see all the high school runners - not only the elites - get this kind of recognition. Most are pretty awesome kids, just not quite as quick. I do like that Aexa did not concede the race in Eugene to the team from Kenya - she actively challenged them. She ran out of gas on the last lap but it was gutsy run worthy of Hayward Field.

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Joan Benoit Samuelson's victory at the '84 Olympics. For the young'uns, that was the first Women's Olympic Marathon. It was a big deal. Running Times has a great read right here.

Speaking of Kenyans, those who say it's all genetics, that's why they win - nope. A lot of it is plain old fashioned courage and a tremendous amount of hard work. Kenyan Who Had His Legs Amputated Gets Back on Track.

Yes, please, the rules are antiquated. Time for State Associations to Evolve with Today's High School Elites For more discussion, head over to Runnerspace. Washington State passed a rule to help with this (referred to as the Alexa Efraimson Rule). Could we make a rule that allows quality teams more freedom to head for Invitationals without being penalized for not racing in-district enough?