It's Tuesday, in July, and it's hot.

What, you thought there might be actual content here today?

Fine. Cutting a check for the Lewis Clark Animal Shelter for their share of the sales of A Walk with Rose. Actually, cutting a bigger check. The shelter can use the funds and the story hasn't sold as well as I hoped. Slightly bummed about that.

More. Okay, How about the US Mountain Running Championships in Lincoln, New Hampshire over the weekend? The race was the Loon Mountain Race, rated by Runners World as one of the toughest in the country with an insane 2200' of climb in 5.5 miles. Friends and former running buddies Ashley and Ross Krause took the line as members of their respective teams. Ashley runs with the ladies on Western Mass Distance Project while Ross is part of the Central Mass Striders. Both teams took first place in the Overall Divisions. Very pleased for my friends. BTW, here's the USATF page for the race. Fortunately, others actually thought people would like to know how things turned out. Here's some links that have news about the athletes. Here, here, and results. A nice blog post with photos is here.

The local running club, the Seaport Striders, are putting on a race on August 8th in Asotin. It's the Striders Benefit Run, and the proceeds get divvied up between the participating local schools - Asotin, Clarkson, and Lewiston. When? Friday, August 8 @ 7 p.m.  Here's the entry form.

If you're running with your dog, it's supposed to be hitting triple digits most of this week and next. Here's a post I wrote about keeping your best friend safe.

Don't forget to keep yourselves safe out there.