The Sun is Shining!

The sun is shining. It's been ages since it came out. . . And I am supposed to work? When I have new trail shoes and can run under pristine skies?

One of the bummers about becoming an adult is we're suddenly supposed to develop 'responsibility' which usually means doing things far less pleasant than blowing off a day of work or school to go for a run. These less pleasant things tend to grow in number until they take over every waking minute.

Some of them are absolutely necessary. I need to make enough money to support a family and feed the dog. I need enough money to buy the books I want, new or used. I could use the library but I prefer not to warehouse friends and I do think of many of my books as friends.

And I have an obligation to my clients. I work hard to make sure that they get everything they need to when they're buying a home - that can't be done in twenty minutes. Usually it takes hour for each one, with additional hours of follow-up. It would be easier if I were less successful at building a clientele. I've been trying to shrink the business for a couple of years as I move onto new projects - writing books for runners, designing a website for small town xc where the teams can get the coverage that the local paper will never give them. I'm better a growing things than pruning them.

As my wife put it, I'm never at a loss for ideas. It's time and money that act as limiting factors, mostly time.

So, the sun is shining. I'm going for a run, just not right now. I've checked the weather - it'll be sunny all day, supposedly. I've got the run gear packed next to my work gear and swapped out time on the schedule from report writing to running.

I'll work late tonight if I need to get caught up but the afternoon after my inspections is mine.

And sun is shining, the trails are calling, and my inner child wants to play in the dirt.