Xero Huaraches

Well, I've done my first couple of runs in my new Xero shoes - one on grass and two on the treadmill (ughh, I know, but it was 100 degrees outside and a skinny time window for getting a run in.) Advertised as "The closest thing to barefoot", they give you an incredible feel for whatever is under foot. I choose the 6mm Xero shoes (they have a thinner 4mm, too) and didn't notice much lose of sensation from FeelMax shoes.

The shoes are essentially the equivalent of huaraches and the videos for the manufacturing of the shoes (you can have them pre-made or make them yourself) shows the traditional lacing system. Surprisingly, the strap between the toes is absolutely unnoticeable when you walk or run.

The treadmill is was pretty boring so we'll move on to the grass. I wore them cross country practice -mainly to weird out the junior high runners I help coach - they really didn't believe I could run in them for any distance at all. On a 100 degree day they were much cooler on the toes and so light that I barely could feel them.

I did notice that I was much more mindful of obstacles such as an old stump in the middle of Chief Joseph Park. I also discovered I drag my toes as I folded the front end twice. No damage to toes on either occasion but interesting. I always like having something to improve on.

On the pavement to and from the park, I was nearly soundless which was encouraging. I keep teaching the kids that if they're making a lot of noise, they're wasting a lot of energy. Still, they are middle schoolers and growing so fast sometimes they aren't quite sure where their various limbs actually end.

All in all, very pleased with the early runs with the Xero shoes. I'll have to try some longer runs as I build up and see how they do with that. And, of course, winter is coming. That will be interesting, too.