Sharing Update

If you've read my books, you already know that I share a portion of the proceeds for both running books with local (defined loosely - we're rural, so local can be a hundred miles away or more) high school cross country programs.

The first check went to Clarkston High School. The kids there are awesome and the folks that run the program help out everyone else in the area.

I wasn't sure how often I would be doing the donations. It seems that a semi-annual basis will work nicely. There was a little push at Christmas, plus I had two different cross country teams buy directly from me (which saves them money.)

I've already decided which team gets the donation, though I'm moving a bit further out and sending the check to the Tri-cities area.

As with the first check, I wish it was bigger.

To those of you who have purchased my books-especially to a certain young lady and her mother who drove into Clarkston from Pomeroy to get copies- thank you for reading my books and, by extension, helping some kids running at the high school level.