Lazy Monday

It's a Lazy Monday and I haven't an idea in my head - and taxes to figure - so instead of a blog post, I'm going to link to articles that I found interesting in the last day or so.... Over at the Guardian, an author points out a bit of hypocrisy ... Philip Hensher stirs debate among authors after refusing to write for free

How long until someone busts 2 hour marathon? ... Kimetto Smashes Course Record to Win Chicago Marathon

I made my own corned beef over the weekend ... It was a hit, so here's the recipe ... Corned Beef and Cabbage with Horseradish Cream Sauce Recipe

I came across a comment on a political blog yesterday that piqued my interest as a writer. Probably would make a good thriller if I wrote thrillers ... or we might discover it was too true.

Why didn't NSA detect the LIBOR rigging by the big banks? Why do they only seem to see small potato type malfeasance while entirely missing the felonious and sometimes treasonous activities of the major players? Is it because they're not competent, or are they compromised? Or do they see their mission as one of protecting the "haves" from the "have nots?" Exactly who are they protecting, and from whom?

Come to think of it, NSA is in a perfect position to make a killing in the market based on their access to "insider knowledge." Perhaps there's a symbiotic relationship here - they don't drop on the big guys simply because they're making too much dough off them. I dunno, but it stinks.

Oldsters like me will remember Zola Budd ... and Mary Decker before she was Slaney ... if you were wondering what happened to Zola, she still runs. So does her daughter ... Zola Budd's Daughter Runs Fast in Her Footsteps ... Check out the last paragraph. It sounds like she's every bit as good a Mom as she was a runner.