Odds, Ends, and Happy Easter

First, Happy Easter. For those that don't celebrate Easter, Happy Day. I'll be heading out to Kamiah to watch the junior high meet there on Tuesday. Report will follow. Not sure that I'll be able to put in times - I dig them out of Athletic.net but the JHS scores and results don't always seem to show up. Not sure why. Anyhow, we'll do what we can.

Also on Tuesday, I'll be putting up the cover for the latest book, Trail of Second Chances. Could I do that today? Sure, but it's Easter. And the County Fair. And a dozen other things. Tuesday is soon enough.

Saturday I'll be headed to the Mooberry Relays in Spokane. Looking forward to it. Mooberry is a little different and a lot of fun to watch. Probably miss a lot of the Asotin kids since a goodly number of them participate in FFA stuff for the fair. (The Asotin County Fair fair spans two weekends - don't ask be why 'cuz it doesn't make much sense to me either.)

I've put the designers to work on a logo for InlandXC.com. I'll put it up when it's done. Website is coming along - slowly, true, but progress nonetheless. A couple of people have asked how I expect to make money from the site. Funny enough that I laugh. If there were money in it, someone would have done it a while ago. It's part of my clever plot to reduce my taxes by losing money at something I love.

That's it. Got stuff to do and it's a beautiful day out there.

Enjoy it and run gently, friends, those that run.