Reading a Novel is Good for your Brain

I'm suffering early from the post-holiday blahs - I should be writing but meh, not in the mood so I surfed the internet and came across an article in the Independent that cites a study that says reading a novel boosts brain function. The primary area of the brain affected is the left temporal cortex which, according to the article, controls language (makes sense) and is the primary area for processing motor sensory data. Scientists speculate that this area of the brain 'tricks' us into thinking that it's doing something it's not - the example they use is that reading about running can trigger the same neurological activity that actually running does.

The improved function lasted at least five days after completing the novel, too.

Now, the part they didn't mention is whether this is good or not. I'm presuming that it is - we learn through stories and placing ourselves squarely in the role of the protagonist (unless you want to be a serial killer or something in which case be Dexter or the antagonist) should be an advantage.

It might also give some hints on how to educate kids. I expect this to get buried by the mis-education establishment.

Anyway, I did manage to write about 500 words, not counting this blog post, so it's not a totally wasted day. I'm going to settle in with a good novel and improve my brain.

The glass of Shiraz? That's for my heart . . .