A Peachtree Recap

Nope, I did not trek to Atlanta, I did not run the Peachtree 10K with thousands of others. I pretty much swore off races with thousands of others after my second Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego.

These folks, however, were there.

Lauren Fleshman, "In the Mini I raced scared. I let the top pack go right away, and hid in the safety of splits I felt confident I could hit without dying." II think everybody has had those types of moments. She fixed her problem with a major assist from Davila Linden. Read the article to see how a champion responds to adversity - and how a champion makes those around her better.

What, you thought you were the only one who suffered from indecision? Elite runner Tyler Pennel puts words to page and discussed ditching his plan midway through the race. Read to the end where he talks about the advice he got from a sports psychologist. Then ponder what it might mean for you.

And a report from a mere mortal (if you consider a guy that can knock out the Ulmstead 100 miler) who has a case of nerves at the start. Doubts or not, Brian put it on the line, then shared. Great report.

Enough. Run gently, friends.