I Love the Smell of a Freshly Printed Book

The first set of Trail of Second Chances has arrived! Yay! Now I have a bunch of beta reader to track down so I can give them their signed copy.

On a related note for signing parties, apparently Barnes and Noble still hasn't adapted to the current realities of the publishing marketplace.  For about a day, it looked like we could have a signing party in their Columbia Mall store in the Tri-Cities.  Went south over returnability. I offered to guarantee returns if they ordered directly from the publisher but that was a no-go - they only order through the major distributor - which leaves the publisher completely at the mercy of the bookstores. They can literally order a thousand copies, then return them for a full refund at my cost - plus I get tagged with the shipping.

I'm satisfied with my online sales, which represent 41 percent of the total book selling market - and is growing.

Local stores are easier to work with.

No running today - did a double workout yesterday and I want to do a long run tomorrow night - just head out and meander in the dark for three or four hours. It's nice to live in an area where that is an alternative.

Have a great weekend. I'll be posting a couple of articles but you can grab those Monday. If the weather is nice, listen to your mom - go outside and play.