Blog Roll

I don't have a formal blog roll on the sidebar but there are some sites that I check pretty frequently for news, and ideas about running. Here are some of my favorites:

Running Times - in my opinion, the best of the running magazines. The website has additional virtual-only articles.

Let's Run - Not the easiest website to navigate but, if it's running related, it's there somewhere. Tremendous amount of information and a mostly knowledgeable forum.

RunBlogger - Pete Larson is a very, very bright dude who does a fantastic job of reviewing running products and teaching running form. Sign up for his newsletter or swing by the blog.

Runners World - the most popular running magazine has a huge web presence - warning: they're very aggressive on twitter and can blow up your feed a bit.

RunnersConnect - a coaching site that has long form articles that are thought provoking at the blog.

ProActive Coaching - not so much running but youth sports in general, these folks understand the secrets to coaching. If you are a coach, from junior high to D1, follow them on Facebook. You won't regret it.

JillWillRun - Jill blogs on running, running gear, and promotes a healthy perspective on eating and lifestyles. Not your everyday aim for a PR blog. Running is personal and so is Jill's Blog.

Let me know your favorites - and I know, we're having a few issues with the commenting system - magical imps are working on it now. If you can't comment, feel free to send me an email. I reply to all of them.