Cascade Lakes Relay

The teams are on the course for the Cascade Lakes Relay.

For you folks that have never done a relay, they can be a hoot. The Cascade Relays team puts on a fun event with contests, time trials, and a ton of camaraderie.

Spend 24 hours chasing other teams through the Oregon mountains on a picturesque course. All day, taking turns. All night. Again into the next day. Relays are a unique adventure in running, a combination of teamwork, fun, and the unpredictable.

For those interested, you can follow the action at They have an app for the leaderboard this year as well.

Good luck to the runners tonight - stay safe, have fun, and RUN!

Full Disclosure - The team I run with, Velocity Deficit Disorder, is out this year. Me because two daughters are expecting babies the same weekend as the Spokane to Sandpoint relay, a couple of others due to work, and one to a Bluegrass festival.

We'll be back next year with a little luck, maybe for the Cascade Lakes Relay this time. Scott and his crew really do put on a great race.