A Walk with Rose is now for sale

A Walk with Rose is now on sale at Amazon as an ebook. I'll be working to get all the other electronic formats set up over the next week or so. What's the story about . . . ?

A heartwarming story in the tradition of Hallmark Movies, A Walk with Rose tells the story of a young girl’s bravery, an old man’s loss – and the love of a dog.

Emily adopts Rose, a lost dog, from the local Humane Society. Emily, victim of a terrible accident, discovers that Rose possesses rare wisdom. The two of them start a journey to heal Emily-and grant peace to Roy, the dog’s real owner.

Keep the box of tissues close as you meet Emily, Rose and Roy.

The print version should be ready to go by the middle of next week and I have the bids in for a print run from a traditional printer.

Just a reminder that 25 percent of the profits of the short story goes to the local Humane Society - they do awfully good work there, hard work, and can use any help we have to offer.