What to do with a brain of mush?

Oh boy, you know those mornings where you wake up and you can feel your brain just sitting there going "Whaaaaat, {yawn} already? ....." Hello, November 1st. The body is up, the brain will catch up later . . . hopefully. No grand overarching discussions this morning, nor will I be engaging in deep and serious contemplation as that would lead to serious nap time and I have things to get done first. Top of the list, prattle here and hope that by the time I'm done, I regain my wits - or at least half of them.

While I wait, I have some homework to get done for my class with Dean Wesley Smith - I'm taking his 'Pitches and Blurbs' class online. If you are an aspiring writer, I strongly recommend his online seminars. Lots of range to the classes and no BS. Pretty much what you need to know and understand if you intend to self-publish. Utterly essential if you plan on going with a traditional publisher. Anyway, this week's class requires putting together a Smashwords Blurb - two, actually - and we're not allowed to use material we've used before. Makes it tough but here's one I came up with based on a slightly weird idea:

Snow White . . .  a dude? When Beau Wright falls in with a commune full of women, he believes in miracles. When he discovers that none of them like men, he believes in hell. And when someone tries to knock him off and hurts the ladies instead, he vows revenge. But nothing moves in straight lines around Beau as the action bounces from hysterical to intense. Fast, funny and definitely irreverent.

The idea could be really fun to work with though I expect it to get more than slightly ribald.

Not sure that I have an unused idea suitable for class in my notebook so it's time to go visit political websites and trawl the comments for good conspiracies.